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We are

Have a tricky situation to prove data or workflows? We are here to help – leading experts in the field of data proving online.

We love to develop products but we also love to help in the space of Proof of existence. We know the Blockchain space is a new field. We love to help you with our experience and support you to find the right solutions for you. We also do development of your solution if custome requirements are needed by your company. We can only support you and tell you what we believe in that is why we dont do any consultation if you want to issue any coin with ERC20/ERC721 contracts or other ICO related project.

Companys that we worked for

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Understanding Bitcoin is difficult. That's why we support Bitcoin1x1 and give lectures to graps the technical insights of Bitcoin.

Validating university diplomas, work experience and after submitting the documents to the Blockchain will store them for ever and let users access and proof the validaty anytime.

Development of software for a pipeline stress test with automated verification of all test results on the Bitcoin blockchain. Test results are temper proof now.


Baselayer workshop

  • A workshop to find solutions to your custom needs.Tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited participantsWe recommend 3-5 participants
  • Money Back GuaranteeUnhappy? 90 Days Money Back Gurantee
  • 500€ discount on follow-up orderIf we work together 500€ will be reimbursed
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Follow-up consulting

On demand
  • We implement the solutions - following your wishes.Tailored to your needs
  • Remote or On-SiteEither in your or our office or as Teams meeting
  • Exclusive rights for all codeApplies to all closed-source code
  • No ICOs or ERC20/ERC721 tokenDoesn't include consulting for ERC20/ERC721 tokens or ICOs
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Florian Weigand

Blockchain Expert and Founder at BitFlow

Florian graduated in Computer Science (M.Sc.) at TUM in 2014. He was involved in projects at Siemens, Bosch and Munich Airport. In 2015 he joined the Foodora (formerly known as Volo) team as Lead Developer during their acceleration period at Wayra Munich.
Passionate and rigorous full stack software developer, mastering a number of programming languages, frameworks and tools. Always looking for the best coding paradigm and the most efficient way to produce software.
Passionate about Security, Crypto and Blockchain technologies.