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Bitflow long-term partner to clients
We know that there is often a gap between what companies think they are good at, what they are actually good at, and what they think investors expect them to be good at.

We help provide the necessary clarity for all parties involved. Paying attention to both the weaknesses and strengths of the technical side of a company, including the responsible people and the relevant processes, our unique approach adds real long-term value.
Bitflow long-term partner to clients

Our areas of expertise

General system architecture and DevOps
Artificial intelligence / Machine learning
and Bitcoin
Security / Crypto
Internet of things

Our team

Bitflow Startegy and innovation specialist Andrew Nayei
Florian Weigand
Andrew Naynei linkedin
Florian graduated in Computer Science (M.Sc.) at TUM in 2014. He was involved in projects at Siemens, Bosch and Munich Airport. In 2015 he joined the Foodora team as Lead Developer. Then he co-founded Planerio GmbH, Bernstein Technologies GmbH and BitFlow GmbH as technical lead where he designed over 12 system architectures still in use today.
Bitflow Startegy and innovation specialist Andrew Nayei
Felix Frey
Strategy & Innovation
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Felix studied at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and LMU Munich School of Management with focus on strategy, technology & innovation. Before he joined BitFlow, he was responsible for enhancing the online business of an owner-managed private bank and developed a country-specific digital strategy for one of Germany’s biggest accounting firms.

Our story

When Florian was asked by multiple people in his network to review a system architecture or help in the interview process to find the right technical staff, he wondered: "Is there no such professional service available?"  

Together with Felix, they researched and learned that while technical due diligence is widespread in the United States, in Europe, it's a relatively new aspect of a company valuation. Speaking to investors, they gained even more important insights: Firstly, technical due diligence is currently either based on very loose or on fully automated processes of which none deliver satisfying results. Secondly, even though the team conducting the technical due diligence has a good knowledge of the weaknesses of a company, investors are unable to benefit from this knowledge in the long term.  

Because of this, Florian and Felix developed a unique approach. It is systematic where possible and human-centric when necessary. Additionally, they turn their findings into direct value for investors by continuously monitoring the company's technological development. Following this approach, BitFlow supports investors from when they consider making an investment to the next funding round and the final exit.

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