bitcoin enthusiasts

We are entrepreneurial techies.

We know that there quite often is a gap between what startups think they are good at, what they are actually good at and what they think investors expect them to be good at.

We help provide the necessary clarity for all parties involved. Paying attention to both weaknesses and strengths of a startup's vision, their product, team and technology, our services add real value for investors as well as for startups.

Our story

What once started with a simple question like "Hey, couldn't you review our system architecture and code, Florian?" now turned into a broad range of services to investigate the sustainability of companies' with digital business models. Thereby we help investors make better investment decisions.

Our team

Florian Weigand


Florian graduated in Computer Science (M.Sc.) at TUM in 2014. He was involved in projects at Siemens, Bosch and Munich Airport. In 2015 he joined the Foodora team as Lead Developer. Then he co-founded Planerio GmbH, Bernstein Technologies GmbH and BitFlow GmbH as technical lead where he designed over 12 system architectures still in use today.

Felix Frey

Strategy & Innovation

Felix studied at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and LMU Munich School of Management with focus on strategy, technology & innovation. Before he joined BitFlow, he was responsible for enhancing the online business of an owner-managed private bank and developed a country-specific digital strategy for one of Germany’s biggest accounting firms.

Mihai Zelihowski

UI and Graphic Designer

Over the last 12 years, Mihai worked for several clients that range from small businesses to large corporations. Building any business is not easy, and it’s the designer’s responsibility to articulate the vision. He joined BitFlow in 2020 and manages the design and web development part of the business.

Cristian Creteanu

Project Manager

Cristian graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2020 and is pursuing a degree in Data Science at TUM. Having worked in prestigious companies, such as Facebook and Adobe, he succeeded in bringing a lot of impact through his work, as well as had the opportunity of dealing with a plethora of tools and programming languages.